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T Shirt Quilt
T Shirt Quilt
T Shirt Quilt
T Shirt Quilt 50x60

T Shirt Quilt - 50x60 (Large Throw Quilt)

* Clothing Required: 20-25 T-Shirts
Backing - Backing is the material used on the backside of your quilt. We offer fleece, flannel, and bubble fleece. (bubble fleece only on baby clothes quilts)
Applique Lettering (View Applique Lettering Example) Applique lettering are the words that are added to the quilt for personalization.
Photos (View Photo Example) - You can add up to 2 photos to your quilt. Each photo is transferred to material and then added to the quilt. Photos can be either sent via postal mail or digitally by email.
Quilt Sashing (View Sashing Example) - Sashing is the fabric border around each item of clothing. If sashing is selected the quilt will measure 53x70 and will be in 3 x 4 grid. It will use 12 pieces of clothing.
Quilt Description

Have a lot of t-shirts that are not being worn, but you can't throw away? We can make you a t-shirt quilt that can preserve the memories of high school, college, or other events important to you. Quilt size will vary according to how many shirts you would like incorporated. Photo memory quilts are machine quilted and have a fleece or flannel backing.Some examples of t shirt quilts include:

  • Kid’s favorite outgrown t-shirts
  • High school event jerseys &  t-shirts
  • College, fraternity or sorority t-shirts
  • Marathon/triathlon events t-shirts
  • Hunting/fishing t-shirts
  • 4-H & scouting t-shirts
  • Farm implement t-shirts
  • Motorcycle t-shirts
  • Classic car/NASA t-shirts
  • Pro Team t-shirts
  • A mixture of all of the above

After placing your order, we will be in contact with you for your suggestions to help us create a quilt that will be very special and memorable!


Thank you so much Janell.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Thanks for the extra add on.  Thanks so much for all of your hard work.  We will cherish it forever!  What a great gift to be able to give to our daughter.  I can't tell you how much I love it.  It made me cry when I saw it.  So many good memories displayed in such a neat way!  You do beautiful work and I will highly recommend you.  Again, thanks so much!  It is greatly appreciated!


My friend, Jessica was on your website.  She saw that it said fleece and bubble fleece for backing.  She was wondering what you used on mine.  I took it into school today to show the other teachers and many wanted your information.  You do beautiful work.  I posted a picture on Facebook and so many of my friends are in love with it and are asking for your information.  I can't thank you enough. 


Love the quilt!  You did a fantastic job—I appreciate your service very much!  This is a wonderful keepsake for us!  Thanks a million! 


I LOVE the quilt, Janell.  You do amazing work! 


The quilts arrived on Friday, they are absolutely perfect!  I am so glad I found your website.


Thank you so much for the amazing blanket.  My husband and I could not get over how gorgeous and plush it is.  I told him I'd like to do another for our daughter eventually since she has so many cute clothes.  He said make as many as you want, this is the most beautiful and sentimental article she owns.  I could not agree more.  My son Miles turned one today so I will be gathering his clothing to place another order soon.  Thank you for this beautiful keepsake.  I'm forwarding your info to all my friends and family with children.


We received the quilt and tooth pillow today and absolutely love them!  Thank you so much :).  I already have the quilt covering up my 2 little ones on the couch.  I'm collecting a pile of clothing that I have from storage bins, and as the kids outgrow, so chances are I'll be sending them off to you in the next year for another one.  Again, thank you so much.

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