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Client's Testimonials

I got the quilt last night, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!  It almost made me cry, it was so beautiful.  Thank you so much for giving our family such a wonderful gift.  Your work exceeded my expectations!  Baby #2 is on the way, so I will definitely be in touch with you in the future to make another!!  I have already started putting the word out to friends and family!


We are now only taking orders for after Christmas delivery.  Thank you so much for all your orders in 2014!!

Memory Quilts
come in many shapes, sizes and designs:

Baby Clothes Quilts to preserve precious early childhood memories

T-Shirt Quilts to piece together favorite clothes from activities and events

Memorial Quilts to capture that special time or individual

We sew and customize each quilt to have its own unique design.  We work closely with our customers to make sure the finished quilt is perfect.

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Recent Quilt Keepsake Projects / News
Baby Clothes Quilt

A 36x36 quilt made from this little girl's clothing.  Fleece pink backside.

Baby Clothes Quilt

A very colorful 50 x 60 Baby Clothes quilt.  The backside is navy flannel.

Baby Clothes Quilt

All those cute outfits can be turned into an adorable quilt.  40 x 54 with blue fleece backside.

Memorial Memory Quilt

Twin size quilt made from Grandmother's clothing.  Backside is red flannel.

Memorial Memory Quilt

Grandmother's clothing made into a twin size memory quilt.  Backside is red flannel.