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Client's Testimonials

LOVE THE QUILT!!!!! Very, very pleased. Nice job. Looks like thought was put into it. Love the heart on the back with the tag, like everything about it. I can't wait to present it to him. I will have more work for you to do. Thanks again and God Bless.


Memory Quilts come in many shapes, sizes and designs:

Baby Clothes Quilts to preserve precious early childhood memories

T-Shirt Quilts to piece together favorite clothes from activities and events

Memorial Quilts to capture that special time or individual

We sew and customize each quilt to have its own unique design.  We work closely with our customers to make sure the finished quilt is perfect.

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Recent Quilt Keepsake Projects / News
TShirt Quilt

This tshirt quilt is twin size.  The borders are multicolor dots on black background.  Leftover tshirt fabric is used to make the colorful label.

Memorial Memory Quilt

This 40x54 memorial quilt has many pictures and just a few pieces of clothing and also a couple of crocheted pillowcases.  The fleece backside has

Baby Clothes Quilt

This 40 x 54 baby clothes quilt is made from pretty dresses.  The backside is fleece.

Baby Clothes Quilt

This full size quilt was made especially for mom from her children's clothing for Mothers Day.  What a surprise from her husband.

Memorial Memory Quilt

Clothing from a loved one was used to make a vivid and useful memory 50 x 60 quilt. Backside has a flannel backing.