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All orders placed at this time will be completed in 2021.

Turn Your Special Clothing Into a Memory Quilt!

We all have clothing items that take us back to a special time or event.  Don't throw or box those items away, turn them into a memory quilt that you can use as a reminder of all those wonderful times. 

At Quilt Keepsake we specialize is three types of memory quilts: memorial quilts, baby clothes quilts, and t-shirt quilts.  We take your clothing and carefully preserve the most memorable and cherished areas of each item, creating a quilt that you and your whole family will cherish.


How Is Quilt Keepsake Different Than Other Quilt Creators?

  • Attention to Detail: At Quilt Keepsake we understand that these tshirts are special and often times irreplaceable.  We work hard to incorporate all the elements of the tshirt into the quilt.  We spend time designing the best possible layout for the quilt rather than just forcing the design into a grid.  We try our best to not cut off or leave out any part of the art work of the clothing and make sure that obvious visual pieces are retained and displayed.  Ultimately, we want to produce a quilt that honors the memories and experiences of our customers and gives them a quilt they will be proud to display and use for years 
  • Turn Around Time: We strive to create your quilt as quickly as possible without cutting any corners.  While some of our competitors take 6 months or longer to complete a quilt our average turn around time is right around 6-8 weeks from start of a project to its finish.
  • Communication: We are always open to hearing your ideas and thoughts on your quilt. We try and communicate throughout the ordering and sewing process to answer any questions or concerns you may have. When working with Quilt Keepsake you are comunicating directly with the quilt creators so they can answer quickly and knowlegeably about any project.
  • Experience & Trust: At Quilt Keepsake we love quilting and sewing.  We are a family company where everyone of our quilters have minimum of 20 years of experience doing quilting and sewing projects.  With your special clothing items you can feel safe a secure that your items will be taken care of, handled with the utmost care while they are prepared for your quilt and the project will be done correctly and look fantastic.  

Client Testimonials

I love the blanket.  Thank you so much.  When I gave it to my grandaughter her other grandmother cried because it was so beautiful.  Everyone asked where I had it made and I gave them your web site.  Thanks again

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