Tshirt Quilt Full Size

What are T-shirt Quilts?

T-shirt quilts are a great way to use and preserve a collection of short or long-sleeved shirts to tell a story in the form of a quilt. School, athletic, concert, college, special event, and personalized shirts make awesome t-shirt quilt items that can be pieced and sewn together to make an eye-catching and cozy quilt that will last for years.

How Many T-shirts Are Needed For a Quilt?

The number of shirts needed depends on the type and size of the quilt you order. For example, our most popular size (Twin Size: 63 inches. by 87 inches.) needs 25 t-shirts. Generally, you need about 12-15 shirts for a throw-size quilt and up to 60 shirts for our king-size quilt. Please refer to our sizing page to see the various quilt dimensions and the number of clothing items needed for each size.

We will work with you to ensure whatever size is needed to have a great-looking design and layout that works with the number of clothing items you have available. You can also view our t-shirt quilt gallery page and get an idea of what other customers have provided.

How To Order A T-Shirt Quilt

At QuiltKeepsake we make the process easy.

  1. Select your T-shirt Quilt Size

    Choose the size of quilt you want from the online order form above or give us a call at 515-604-6288 to submit your order. Give any additional information or comments on the part(s) of your t-shirts you would like highlighted in the quilt or potentially not used.

  2. Receive Your Shipping Instructions

    When the order is placed you will receive a follow-up email that tells where you need to send your collected clothing.

  3. Box Up Your Washed T-shirts.

    In your box include your T-shirts and if you are paying by check, the payment for your order. If you paid with a credit card online, you need not send a check. We do all the work so no need to cut or trim your shirts beforehand.

  4. Ship Out Your Box to QuiltKeepsake

    You can ship your box via UPS, US Mail, FedEx, or any other carrier you like to use.

  5. Your Quilt is Created

    When we receive your t-shirts we will e-mail you within 48 hours of receiving your box. We will then begin laying out and designing your unique item. If we need to change the size, we will reach out and work on that with you.

    The typical turnaround time for a t-shirt quilt is 10 -16 weeks from the time the box of clothes is received. If you have a special request or additional questions make sure to contact us via email or give us a call at 515-604-6288. We will reach out when your entire quilt is completed either by phone or email so you can be aware that you be receiving it in the mail.

Common T-Shirt Quilt Questions