What Are Bereavement Quilts?

Bereavement Quilt

What are Bereavement Quilts?

Bereavement quilts are quilts constructed to specifically honor the life and legacy of a loved one.  Each quilt showcases and embodies the personality of the individual through the pieces of clothing sewn into the quilt.  

Each unique quilt is an ongoing memorial and reminder of the person who has passed on.  

Many people who order bereavement quilts use the blanket to help heal and move on after a difficult loss but also want the comfort and security that a personal, handmade quilt can provide.

Designing Bereavement Quilts

When designing a bereavement quilt it helps ifthe person providing the items for the quilt shares personal stories or memories with us so we how the items provided fit into the person's life story or what they mean to the giver.  

We also always take the upmost care of your items and design the quilt in an honoring fashion knowing that these clothing items are cherished and irreplacable.  

Having over 30+ years of sewing and quilting experience, we take great pride in our design abilities and will do our absolute best to create a beautiful and functional quilt out of the items provded. 

If you have any photos printed onto the quilt or have a special phrase or wording included on the quilt we provide those extra enhancements.  Every bereavement quilt we create is a beautiful, functional, memorial to your loved one that will become a treasured keepsake.

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